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Frozen Passion Fruit

Nestled in the heart of Bharudi, We invite you to experience the pure delight of organic passion fruit. With a dedication to sustainable farming practices, we cultivate the finest passion fruit, ensuring each fruit embodies the essence of natural sweetness and vitality.

Authentic Taste

Our Frozen Passion Fruit Pulp delivers the authentic taste of ripe passion fruits, with no artificial flavors or additives. Each spoonful is bursting with the natural tanginess and sweetness of passion fruit.

Chemical-Free Processing

We believe in preserving the natural integrity of fruits. That’s why our passion fruit pulp is made using a chemical-free process, ensuring that you enjoy passion fruit in its truest form.

No Colors or Preservatives

Our commitment to purity means that our passion fruit pulp contains no artificial colors or preservatives. Just the goodness of real passion fruit, frozen to perfection.


Experience the exotic allure of our frozen passion fruit. Known for their aromatic flavor and vibrant color, passion fruits add a tropical flair to any dish or beverage.


Perfect for cocktails, fruit salads, dressings, or blend into refreshing beverages for a taste of paradise.

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