Jamun Pulp

Frozen Jamun

We take pride in cultivating the finest organic jamun (Indian blackberry) using sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Located in the heart of Gir, our farm is a haven for health-conscious individuals seeking premium quality fruits.

Authentic Taste

Our Frozen Jamun Pulp delivers the authentic taste of ripe jamun fruit, with no artificial flavors or additives. Each spoonful is bursting with the natural sweetness and tanginess of jamun.

Chemical-Free Processing

We believe in preserving the natural integrity of fruits. That’s why our jamun pulp is made using a chemical-free process, ensuring that you enjoy jamun in its truest form.

No Colors or Preservatives

Discover the unique tangy-sweet flavor of our frozen jamun. Bursting with antioxidants and vitamins, jamun is not only delicious but also offers numerous health benefits.


Use our frozen jamun pulp in smoothies, sauces, sorbets, or mix with yogurt for a refreshing twist.

Additional Information
Moisture 83.7-85.8g
Protein 0.7-0.129g
Total fat 0.15-0.3g
Crude Fiber 0.3-0.9g
Carbohydrates 14.0g
Calcium 8.3-15mg
Magnesium 35mg
Sodium 26.2mg
Potassium 55mg
Copper 0.23mg
Sulfur 13mg
Chlorine 8mg
Choline 7mg
Vitamin A 80 I.U.
Folic Acid 3mg
Sodium 26.2mg
** Approx.
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