~ About us ~

Fresh Fruits Pulp by Parin Frozen Foods

Parin Frozen Foods is a leading producer of high-quality frozen Mango pulp, Custard pulp, Strawberry pulp and Jambu pulp. With a commitment to using only natural ingredients, we have built a reputation for providing customers with an exceptional product that is both delicious and healthy. <br />

Our pulp lasts for three years without the use of any preservatives or chemicals. This is a testament to the our commitment to using only the freshest, highest-quality fruits available. By relying on natural methods to preserve the pulp, we ensures that our products are free from harmful additives, making it a healthy and safe choice for consumers.

Our Natural Fruit Pulp Philosophy

To be the best executer for your dream. We innovate and bring 100% natural solutions for the challenges faced by food industry professionals in achieving their dream – high quality end products.

Catering Innovation in Food Industry

Good products are the platforms, innovation is the train. We regularly invest in new technologies that allows us to nourish our relationship by catering to ever increasing demand.

The Quality

We source our fruits and vegetables from the trusted organic farm and lab test each with care. Since day one, we have devoted our energy to bringing you fresh frozen fruits and vegetables, with no additives or preservatives, period.

100% Natural Fruits
No Artificial Colors
No Added Sugar
Plant Based